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Leslie Gabaldon (B. 1964) is a Venezuelan-American artist who works in Miami, FL. She attended The New England School of Art & Design in Boston, MA, and The Art Students League of NY. She focused her attention in new media since 1988 (being among the first artists in the USA to experiment with computer-generated work, shown at Sygraph. 1990 (Boston, MA). Her tendencies towards alternative mediums eventually lead her to embrace photography as the foundation of her work.

Gabaldon’s ideas stem from concepts of sociological memory, especially about women’s issues in the contemporary world. Her fascination with the written word, not only as a means to communicate ideas but also as aesthetic elements, is evident in her body of work, exquisitely merging images and text to form visual poetry. This can be particularly characteristic in her series “Ink on Roses”* that has been successfully received in ArteBa (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Artbo (Bogota, Colombia) Art Miami and Art Huston.

Meticulously focused on the craftsmanship of her work, Leslie has developed a sharp skill in digital printmaking; therefore she controls the production of her photographs, making it a crucial part of her process. As a result, she founded Wynwood Editions, a boutique style contemporary photography printing service for other artists,  She has shown her work in New York, Miami, Colombia, Argentina, Dominican Republic, and Shanghai. Her work is represented in Miami by the prestigious Dot Fityone Gallery.


Before I became a full-time artist, I worked as an account executive and account director at two creative companies where I learned and develop most of my working and managerial skills. One of them was an enterprise dedicated to the sale and processing of licensing for merchandising from top TV and film industries like Warner Brothers, Turner Home Entertainment, and Marvel. My job was not only a lot of fun, but it gave me the foundation to understanding client relationships. I was the liaison between the owners of the characters (The Flintstones, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Spiderman among other celebrities..) and my licensors, the ones that sold t-shirts, lunch boxes, and other merchandise. Then, I work for the top Graphic Design Firm for consumer products in my country. There, beyond the client's relationship, I was in charge of managing the brand Identity projects of national and international products. I grew my organizational skills and acquire a wealth of knowledge about marketing and consumer behavior, learned how to present impeccable winning proposals and materialize deals. As a visual artist and business owner, I have been able to manage my work as well as to collaborate and coordinate several art/cultural and production projects with ease. I am confident of my ability to work as a team player and to be a motivating leader to others. I am happy to collaborate as a creative producer, art director and photographer for visual arts as well as commercial productions. 

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The New England School of Art and Design 

Digital Art, Computer Generated Graphics and Animation


The Arts Students League of New York

Drawing, Collage and Assemblage

New York-NY

Broward College

Photography and Printmaking


Selected Works

Solo Shows

  • 2015 Intertextuality

Curated by Pietro Daprano

Dot Fiftyone Gallery, Miami-FL

  • 2012 Ink on Roses

Dot Fiftyone Gallery, Miami-FL

  • 2010 Goody Two Shoes

Dot Fiftyone Gallery, Miami-FL

  • 2008 And Let it Go

Text by John Kaufman PH. D.

Dot Fiftyone Gallery, Miami-FL

  • 2007 Domestic Intimacies

Text by John Kaufman PH. D.

Dot Fiftyone Gallery, Miami-FL

Selected Group Shows

  • 2017 The Dialectic Body

Connect Now Room

Miami, FL

  • 2017 Home

MAC Fine Art

Curated by Rochi Llaneza

Dot Fiftyone Gallery, Miami-FL

  • 2013 Primera Bienal del Sur

Salon Figali, Panama

  • 2012 Florida Contemporary

Naples Museum of Art

  • 2011 Homeworks

Dot Fiftyone Gallery

  • 2008 How Much is As Much As

Altos de Chavon/Parsons School of Design AIR program show

La Romana, Dominican Republic


Goody Two Shoes

Bienal Del Sur

El espejo que soy me deshabita

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