Photography Workshops 

Photography is a lifelong skill.

“The only way to walk a journey of a thousand miles is to take one step at a time.” 

― Barbara Oakley

Learn Digital Photography

I teach yearlong private photography workshops as well as small groups. Start with the basics and grow your skills while I guide you into discovering your interests and style. Master the concepts of ISO, shuter speed, and aperture, as you develop your understanding of exposure, focal length and the final editing of your images. Photography is a lifelong skill, whether you take it to the professional level or for your personal enjoyment.  Need to train your team? Want to treat your employees? Available for corporate workshops at your office.


Located in the artsy district of Little River, my studio is both my workplace and your classroom. With an open layout and an intimate atmosphere, you will learn within a real and fully equipped photography set. I also teach outside of the studio, whether it is walking the colorful streets of Wynwood or any of the many locations where we can take advantage of the beautiful and vibrant light of Miami.

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How to Register for a class

Visit my store for prices and availability. Or contact me directly if you want to organize a specific group or corporate workshop. I will be happy to work the details with you.

About Me

I am a visual artist and commercial photographer based in Miami. My teaching method is focused on learning by enjoyment, less theory more practice. I believe that with intuitive practice, the knowledge will come. I love working with teenagers because they are developing their curiosity and discovering their passions. I also enjoy very much working with adults because they are seeking their creative outlet with happiness and wisdom. Creative development, self-confidence, and relaxation are only a few of the many benefits of practicing photography. Fluent in English and Spanish

I am fluent in English and Spanish

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