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Hi, I am Leslie Gabaldon

I have been a visual artist with photography-based projects for several years. Later, I got the itch for commercial photography and started exploring the possibilities. After all, I love people and photography and making people happy while shooting! I love marketing, success stories, and helping people achieve their business goals through amazing images! So I began learning the business and have continued since then! My sessions are fun and relaxed but dynamic. My priority is making my client confident; they leave the studio feeling happy and wanting to return.

As a creative director, the power of photography lies in the ability to show ourselves on many levels, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. Capturing the image that will convey our message to the rest of the world is precious.

Due to my background working with marketing and managing design projects, I am confident in my abilities to understand my client's wants and needs and my capacity to turn their ideas into tangible images. I am a natural team player and leader, always happy to collaborate with other creatives.

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La fotógrafa Leslie Gabaldon en un closer de su mano y su cara sonriendo.